Institution building at community level for promoting child & women rights.
Our philosophy is that people have the supreme power. They have every thing with them like knowledge (popular), resources, skills, experience, manpower, and will power. They know how to manage their life with all the scarcity; they have that potentialities & patience with them. There is no other substitute to people power that can be only generated through people’s organization. The people can do a lot for their development. The only thing they need to be recognized, encouraged, facilitated & little bit support to form and strengthen their own organization. Our role is only a catalyst, facilitator to make them realize their own situation, to empower & help them to help themselves.
People’s organization is the foundation, the basic platform. Once the platform is created & becomes strong, whatever programs / activities run those are the activities of the group. It means, groups promoted by us are neither activity based nor single issue based rather it is against injustice, exploitation, discrimination and social disorder .
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